About Rose

“Transformation lies at the heart of my jewellery, giving fresh perspective on the familiar. Contrast highlights the process of transformation within my work; soft turns to hard, perishable becomes permanent, traditional transformed into contemporary. With a degree in architecture and a Masters in furniture design, materials and the making process are central. The quality of the materials and consideration of the process, combined with keen attention to detail, underpins every piece.

I’m drawn to textures; the intricacy of vintage lace, crochet and wallpapers. Scouring the vintage shops and haberdasheries of London, I find antique laces and my primary materials, selecting them based on quality, texture and craftsmanship. Capturing the detail in silver, gold, porcelain and fine bone china, I create tactile compositions holding a visual story of the crafting process and transformation. Familiar fabrics and textures are given a new aesthetic and life, a fresh interpretation to be enjoyed and worn with a timeless quality. “
- Rose Ellen Cobb

After studying architecture and working as a designer, producing furniture which has been exhibited with the V&A and Design Museum, and featured on the pages of Elle Decoration and Blueprint, Rose turned her hand and eye to jewellery, launching her first collection at Somerset House in 2009.

Rose’s hand-crafted jewellery is created by Rose in her studio within Birmingham’s historic jewellery quarter. Her expertise, depth of thought and love of the making process lies at the heart of her work. She revels in the tactile and hands-on nature of the craft, this immediacy translating into her pieces. The rich and delicate textures indicating the change of state within the process; the clays and metals turning from liquid to solid. With each ceramic piece being handmade, Rose retains certain imperfections, highlighting that each is unique. Hand painted accents of gold lustre and combinations of matt porcelain and polished precious metal emphasise the detail and texture.

The forms and final compositions are carefully considered. In presenting small sections of the original patterns, our eye is drawn to the depth and beauty of the detail. The scale and simplicity of the work is combined with a classic and minimal colour palette of silver, gold, black and cream, colour only creeping in with the use of semi-precious stones. This mix of past and present, traditional and contemporary, executed with the highest levels of craftsmanship and using the finest materials, gives the work a timeless quality. Rose ensures each piece is wearable, holding a unique and understated elegance; jewellery which can be treasured and enjoyed for years to come.

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